However, although HDMI connections can include both digital video and digital audio, since the Moxi output is only DVI, you will still need to make a separate audio connection. When you reach the desired resolution, choose yes on the confirmation dialog. Moxi Mate Hardware Manual. Call your cable company to verify that both are provisioned. I would really rather do it ANY other way other than that. One theory is related to the cable company’s automatic gain controllers AGC in the signal amplifiers along their cable system. Programs and commercials originally produced in 4:

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In general, picture quality should be very good for all channel types on smaller TVs. Given the different pause times for HD and SD channels, it is likely that this strategy is as closely linked to the relatively small live Firewirf buffer as it is to being an actual “screensaver”. Note that the signal loss ratings on splitters are typically for the lower channel frequencies, whereas the Moxi’s digital tuner and cable modem readings are for higher frequencies.

This functionality may be considered for a future release. Free VOD programs may also be available. It was a neat experiment. Support for an external USB 2. Final decision about when to push an update to subscribers rests with the cable operator. Diagnosing such a problem will likely require a cable technician coming out during one of the problem times to test your line at the entrance to your house and at your Moxi.

Moxi Mate Hardware Manual. Cyber Akuma1 Member Dec 5: In any event, some users report that the colored firdwire occur on digital channels, particularly VOD channels. The Moxi always records the incoming video signal in its native mode, regardless of the video output resolution setting.

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In fact, even units that had received intermediate 3. There is one report that the p output on the Moxi is also not compatible with a 37″ Westinghouse LVM37W1 model video displays but is jittery.

The firewiee, is the machine I am familiar with, and you can indeed view a pass-through signal from the JVC’s component outputs when you have a cable box signal present at the firewire port of the recorder.

They will not be deleted until a new recording occurs, and, if space is needed, the program that has been expired the longest will be deleted first.

If there is a lot of dust built up inside the Moxi, cooling is much less efficient, and these fans may have to run faster and more frequently. Check this site for ground loop troubleshooting assistance. Numbers in the LED display during the boot process. If you program it to control your receiver, you can control mute and volume only not power.

moxi,Planet Waves,MI

However, Moxi also has powerful friends. Other users report that they occur on most SD channels, and only when they are upconverted by the Moxi to an HD resolution. Supposedly, there is a revised remote in development that will add the ability to control both your TV and your receiver, including the power.

I recommend that you access the official documentation on the Moxi links above and other DVRs, and that you read this FAQ for undocumented details about the Moxi. One theory is related to the cable company’s automatic gain controllers AGC in the signal amplifiers along their cable system.


Avoid firewir power cords in close proximity to the coaxial and video cables carrying your television signals. Digeo currently plans to test a small number of commercial drives and post a list of qualified units.

All of this likely has more to do with the feeds from the cable frewire, as opposed to the Moxi, although some other tuners may do more to balance audio levels.

If you have frequent, recurring problems, such as freezes or other erratic behavior, it is possible that your Moxi is overheating, as they seem to be relatively susceptible to this. Apparently, the Moxi’s channel map is programmed with the resolution of each digital channel so that it can translate the expected “bit-rate” moxj time. As in the original gold rush, many of these attempts will fail.

Firweire depends on when you changed to the current channel and is subject to the time limitations stated above for the buffer. The cable modem inside the Moxi is used to download nightly electronic program guide information, ticker data, and occasional software updates from your cable company. Some users have experienced problems specifically in the evenings. The Moxi Mate is only available in the smaller independent cable systems and some Charter systems.